To achieve our charitable aims and objectives, The Creative Society works with multiple key stakeholders. For us, these are young people, employers and ultimately government.

Working directly with young people allows our strategy to be driven by their needs, and not by what we think they need. Working with employers directly allows us to understand the challenges that organisations face in trying to recruit talented young people from the widest talent pool. Our aim is for all creative organisations to sign up to our Fair Access Principle and to recruit based on skills and not on networks or informal connections. We want arts organisations to understand that by allowing their cultural DNA to evolve, in turn their organisation will start to attract new audiences and thrive in different communities.

Lastly, we take evaluation of our work very seriously. We have worked with Britain Thinks and the Learning and Work Institute most recently to evaluate the work of our mentoring support and our Creative Job Studio. These reports provide us with robust data that we can learn from and take to government to talk about new ideas to support the growth of the creative economy. This takes us back to the core principles of New Deal of the Mind. We continue to lobby governmental departments and politicians for improved code of conduct and better strategic approaches to supporting young people in work.