The Creative Society ran the Speaker's Parliamentary Placement Scheme for three years, placing over 30 people into paid internships with MPs across the political spectrum. 

The SPPS was created to help people from diverse backgrounds to access jobs in parliament. Successful candidates have ranged from school leavers, to those in their mid-50s, with many of them moving to London from different parts of the UK.

The Scheme gave successful candidates a detailed understanding of how the House of Commons operates, provided them with work experience in the political sector along with the experience of working as part of a team in a small office environment. Participants were equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to secure full-time employment after the scheme. Many of the interns previously on the scheme still work in the House of Commons as Parliamentary Assistants or in other departments. 

'I never for one moment thought that it would be possible for a young gay man from a working class town in the north to access Parliament in the way that I have, but it just proves that if you commit to something and put everything you can into it, you can achieve anything.'
SPPS Intern, 2016-17.