Listening to young people and employers is central to building trust and strong partnerships.

Our programmes are designed with youth voice at the heart of the service we provide. Whether curating artistic events to provide a fresh platform for new talent as part of our Creative Society Collective, or providing practical ‘Meet the Creative Industries’ drop-ins through our Creative Job Studio, we are advocating for better futures for young creatives.

The most transformational element of our Creative Job Studio is our personalised one-to-one mentoring service. Creative Society finds and recruits participants and over a period of six months provides coaching and referrals to industry experts. This depth of support builds a trusting relationship which enables young people to make sustainable progress in work, whether as creative freelance practitioners or in permanent employment. Our unique model enables us to broker conversations between businesses and a cohort of young and diverse talent through this well-developed mentoring scheme.

"The Creative Society's insights and intuition have made the mentoring a truly revelatory experience. Barbara is an attentive listener, a compassionate supporter, a ferocious advocate but also a pragmatist who insists on proactivity."