Creative Society Lates are an opportunity for members of the Creative Society Collective as well as other local artists  to show their talents and inspire  people in the community. After a series of events at Peckham Levels, on Thursday 20 June we  held our debut event at Pop Brixton, a community initiative that has transformed a disused plot of land into a pioneering space for small business and events to contribute to the economy in Brixton by providing entertainment and food to locals.

After the audience entered the event space, our Founder, Martin Bright, reiterated the important work Creative Society does to improve access and opportunities in the arts and creative sectors, for young people.

Chisara Agor, a singer and performer  who creates meaningful work to raise social awareness, was the host for the evening. She serenaded the audience with her plucky ukulele and delicate vocals before introducing our first act for the evening, Yolanda Mercy.

Yolanda performed an excerpt from her play, Quarter Life Crisis, before giving a brief overview of her journey to getting her own TV show. Yolanda explained that her enthusiasm, motivation and determination to succeed were the driving forces behind her success and she refused to give up when things got tough, inspiring the audience to persevere in the face of adversity.

Next up was Luke Baker, a video journalist and filmmaker. Luke introduced his latest project Kick Out!, a documentary that looks at the history of the political punk band, the Newtown Neurotics, at a time when socio-political tensions were high in the UK. The audience also saw an exclusive extended trailer that was brimming with rebellious energy and anarchy.

Tamara Dos Santos , a soulful singer from South East London followed and set the stage alight with her energy and charisma. Her set evoked a range of emotions from the audience who were enamoured by her soulful vocals and storytelling.

After a short break, we welcomed to the stage Freelance Journalist, Lucrece Grehoua. Lucrece spoke about her passions surrounding diversity and intersectionality within media spaces. She gave inspiring and uplifting advice to the audience, reminding us all that opening the door for someone isn’t a free pass and they will still need to put in hard work to find their success.

Founder of Black Girls Sewing Circle, Lynne Ekwe saw amazing skill in her local community where tailors produced beautiful, bespoke clothing for special occasions but watched as their neighbourhood succumbed to gentrification. She explained how this influenced her decision to set up a sewing group for community members to socialise and learn to improve their craft.

Fred Fredas , a Hip-Hop Artist from South London closed the event with an energetic performance of songs interspersed with an overall narrative. The crowd were pumped, as many of Fred’s Lyrics were relatable and spoke to the audience’s experiences of being young and finding love.  

We want to thank our host, performers, speakers and guests for making our debut at Pop Brixton so exciting. For more information on our events, head on over to our events page and follow us on Twitter and Instagram. We post regular updates about upcoming events, such as our upcoming Creative Society Late, as well as more of Creative Society’s activities.