A message from our Founder, Martin Bright on Creative Society and COVID-19:

“Everything we do at Creative Society has always relied on one-to-one human interaction, whether it is mentoring, networking, meeting industry face-to-face in our Creative Job Studio or showcasing talent through our ‘lates’. We also realise that many of the young people in our network are employed in the gig economy, which is particularly vulnerable. All this combines to make this a difficult time for Creative Society and everyone associated with the charity.

Creative Society emerged as a response to a crisis (the Great Recession of 2008) and we are determined to do everything we can to respond to this one.

We will continue to support young people remotely and act as a platform for people we know will be hit hard by the shutdown. If you are part of our wider community, please do get in touch with us, but above all, stay safe.”