Join us at our April Creative Job Studio X Now Play This Drop-in, to chat face to face with people working in game design, gain first-hand experience of their own career development, learn about the different roles and seek advice for your own creative career as a budding games enthusiast.  There will also be the opportunity to play and explore some of the festival, for those with a “particular interest in the process and practice of making games”.

‘Now Play This is a festival of experimental game design running at Somerset House in London from 06-14 April 2019, showcasing interactive and playful work as part of the London Games Festival’.

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Anisa Sanusi is a UI/UX Designer based in London working on mobile games. Throughout the years Anisa has cultivated a devotion to effective UX design, speaking at the first UX Summit held at GDC in San Francisco and also served as a Juror for the BAFTA Games Awards for multiple years. Anisa is an advocate for diversity and inclusivity in the industry, having talked about her experiences at the European Women in Games Conference. She’s listed in the GamesIndustry.Biz Top 100 Future Talents and Develop Magazine’s 30 Under 30. She gives back to the games community by conducting Game UX Workshops, advising students and aspiring game developers at expo’s, game jams, and career fairs. 

George Buckenham is a game designer at Sensible Object, makers of Beasts of Balance, a digital-physical game about stacking animals in a big pile until they fall over. They were previously technical lead on Mutazione, a gorgeous narrative-led indie game with Die Gute Fabrik. They have released games independently and in collaboration with people like Keita Takahashi, Martin Hollis, Ricky Haggett and Doug Wilson. They also work as a curator with Now Play This and Wild Rumpus and run Cheap Bots, Done Quick!, a radically accessible Twitterbot platform.

Nick Ludlam is Founder at Playdeo, mixing the worlds of video and gaming on mobile. Day-to-day he oversees most technical activity at Playdeo, and helps with a broad number of areas like asset pipelines, build servers, native plugins, performance optimisation, technical shaders and more. Playdeo's first title Avo has just been released on the iOS App Store. He's previously worked in the VFX industry, at Framestore and The Mill, as well as the design consultancy BERG as their CTO, and has a long history working in the tech sector.

Suze Huldt is a game developer by accident rather than design. They studied linguistics and cognitive science before retraining as a software engineer, working initially in chatbot development before taking on the opportunity to work with voice-connected gaming for Sensible Object.  Their interests lie in human-computer interaction and the ability of games to create experiences of real and imagined alternative sensory modalities. Talk to them about language and computing, accessibility driven engineering, and being an underrepresented minority in technology and gaming.

Terry Cavanagh is an independent game developer from Monaghan, Ireland, currently living in London. His past games include minimal action game Super Hexagon and platformer VVVVVV. He is currently working on the upcoming game Dicey Dungeons.

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