Creative Society and Create Jobs have partnered up to find out how young people's employment and financial situation has changed since the outbreak of Covid-19.

We want to know what support young people need and whether those needs are being met. To do that we're carrying out the Lockdown // Down to Work survey to:

  • Determine employment and financial situations before and after lockdown
  • Young people's knowledge of existing services
  • What requirements there might be for any new support

Fill out the survey and help us support young people across the creative sector.

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Who's Involved 

Creative Society

Creative Society is an employment charity that helps young people access the creative and cultural sector. We are driven by our conviction that creativity is central to what it means to be human and that this sector should be open to everyone.Since 2009 Creative Society has helped thousands of young people enter our sector through national schemes like Future Jobs Fund and Creative Employment Programme. It has tackled employers on unpaid internships and promoted Living Wage through our Fair Access Principle. Our Creative Job Studio is committed to widening the talent pipeline for our sector. It provides sustainable employability support to young people from a wide range of diverse economic backgrounds through individualised mentoring and working in collaboration with creative sector employers, advocacy partners and young people’s programmes. 

Create Jobs

Our vision is for a dynamic and diverse creative workforce.

Although London’s creative sector is booming, we have reached a critical tipping point where access to opportunity is impenetrable to those that don’t have experience, skill-sets and connections.

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