Meet Creative Society's alumni 

Corey Bovell

Corey Bovell is the founder and director of Oisel productions. After graduating in 2012 with a BA in Media and Culture Studies from Kingston University, he began shaping his style of work by producing the first Oisel show The Last of Her Days in 2015. The name Oisel is an acronym for “Originated in South East London”, which has allowed Corey to push his societal tales into theatres and festival throughout the years.

Writing credits include: Red Card, (Pleasance Theatre, October 2019); 32 Peak Street Camden Fringe Festival (Tristan Bates Theatre, August 2018); Theory of Three, (Vault Festival 2018); Young Gentleman, Are We Ok, (Ovalhouse Theatre 2015).

Producing credits include: Chicken Burger and Chips (2020); Red Card (2019); Drink (Short Film 2019); 32 Peak Street (2018); Theory of Three (2018) and The last of her Days (2015).

Yolanda Mercy

Yolanda Mercy is an award winning Actor and Writer from London, whose work reflects the contemporary world we inhabit. Funny, thought provoking and relatable are words that audiences across the country and internationally have used to describe Yolanda’s work/productions. Yolanda is currently under commission at Soho Theatre for their Soho Six. Early 2020 saw her Channel 4 debut for her scripted comedy-drama called project BBW.

Tayo Odesanya 

Tayo Odesanya is a writer and director based in South London. Her work was first recognised in 2015, her writing debut Maya amassed over 10 nominations from festivals winning Best International Film Festival and then won Best Foreign Film at the El Dorado International Film Festival and Student Widescreen Film of the Year award. Specialising in dramas, Tayo’s work focuses on creating characters that reflect real people as opposed to modern/age old stereotypes. Currently she is working on a privately commissioned short, an independent webseries as well as her first spec script.