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The Creative Society is governed by a diverse board of trustees including members who have previously been participants on Creative Society programmes. Read more

Step Up

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Sam's Story

Sam is an artist by trade, but he is also an experienced writer, who has published a collection of his essays with a local publisher. Sam’s story is representative of the wider struggles of young creative people trying to make a living in the UK today. Read more

Jade's Story

“I’m interested in creating new works, new experiences, about making theatre accessible, it’s about using the platforms there are to start conversations, to start dialogues, to make an impact, and for people to see things in a different way and in a different light,” Read more

Hiba's Story

"One of the things I found really difficult to deal with was that I didn't know anyone who looked like me or dressed like me (wearing a hijab) who was trying to do something similar to me, I felt alienated and out of my depth." Read more

Ami-Jade's Story

"When I accidentally stumbled across The Creative Society, I was stuck. I had been working in retail for years and found all thoughts of the future absolutely terrifying." Read more

Gaby's Story

"Art lessons at school were terrible, there were no queer people in my school, in my class or in college." Read more

Laho's Story

"I wish I had found out about The Creative Society sooner and my only wish is that there were more places that support young people in the way that they do." Read more

Fair Access

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Creative Society Blog

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Grace's Story

"I have learned the importance of never passing up on any opportunity, irrespective of how mundane, monotonous as it might sound as it might be preparing you for where you need to be." Read more

Episode 1: Tayo Odesanya

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Episode 2: Queer Direct

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Episode 3: Laho Musa Jebak

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Meet the Team

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Episode 4: Yolanda Mercy

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Corporate Partnerships

Corporate partnerships are an integral part of the portfolio of support that The Creative Society needs to sustain its vital work. Our approach is to develop a strategy which is mutually beneficial and goes beyond simple sponsorship. Read more

Campaign for Us

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Ways to Fundraise

The Creative Society's transformational work is only possible thanks to a mixture of different funding sources. Our 2019 fundraising target is £50,000. Read more