By Robbie Wojciechowski All lives have commitments that our jobs don’t necessarily make sense alongside. Lives can be messy, full of complicated family situations, stress in or out of the home, emotional commitments and difficu... (read more)


Breaking the Cycle

by Robbie Wojciechowski Over the last few years, Hiba has tried to establish herself as a professional writer and community organiser, all while raising her seven year old daughter. But after months of rejections, last month s... (read more)


Looking after yourself

Robbie Wojciechowski discusses the relationship between the pressures of job hunting and mental health Finding a bit of space between job applications, temporary contracts, and creative urges can be exhausting but learning to loo... (read more)


The problem with job applications

Robbie Wojciechowski on why he thinks recruitment processes need a serious overhaul A couple of months ago, I wrote about how recruiters needed to consider a major overhaul if they were to really start getting people engaged, th... (read more)


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