Creative Job Studio Podcast

In the Creative Job Studio Podcast, artists behind the making of the Creative Job Studio's artistic events series at Somerset House take us on their journey into the creative industries to provide a new opening for people making t... (read more)


Laho’s Story

As a self-taught artist who has juggled lots of low-income jobs, there have been many barriers for me. I left University of Wolverhampton for financial reasons in 2012 and at the time I was having difficulty with my mental heal... (read more)


Hiba’s Story

I always knew I wanted to write or be a journalist like my father but felt that I needed to know more about the world, I knew there was a lot of injustice but none of it made sense to me. I went to study Anthropology at Goldsmiths... (read more)


Grace’s Story

It’s quite awkward to find words to describe myself, I prefer talking about other people and celebrating their achievements. I would say that is the English side of me, which tries to remain humble and grounded. I have spent wha... (read more)


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  • THIS IS IT! was exactly what I needed. It left my mind whizzing with ideas. I don’t know what the future holds but I will keep working and keep climbing the ladder.”

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